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New Battery Will Offer Electric Cars Over 600 Miles of Range

Electric cars have been in the news for quite a while now as the next best alternative in the field of transportation in order to tackle the rapidly depleting sources of petrol and diesel – the two main and traditional ingredients required to make the respective engine work. While the idea of an electric car has always been appealing to the common public and members of Greenpeace, its practical application has always been fraught with hiccups and disasters. Reports of electric cars spontaneously bursting into flames or dissatisfied customers complaining about the incredibly low range and the shockingly long time it takes for the cars to recharge, have been afloat all through media outlets.

Now, however, there might be a solution to the problems faced by electric car owners. A company called Innolith AG, which specializes in inorganic battery technology, has invented a new kind of 1000Wh/kg rechargeable battery that would provide enough juice to the car to allow it to have a range of almost 621 miles before it goes flat. This first-of-its-kind high density battery does not just eliminate the anxiety of a low range, but it also slashes the overall cost of production as it claims to avoid the sort of exotic and expensive materials used to make traditional batteries. These batteries are also safer and less prone to combustion as they use a special non-flammable organic electrolyte as opposed to the usual flammable organic electrolyte used in other batteries.

Innolith have yet to release a commercial unit of the product. It is currently undergoing production in its laboratory in Germany. They expect the commercialization of the product will be set forth within three to five years. They have fastidiously planned the release and subsequent license agreements with other car and battery manufacturing companies to plunge into the market.

As far as new inventions go, this is quite a ground-breaking one due to its utility and practical applicability in daily life. People have always been sceptical about the transition from fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles for various reasons, the primary of which were the incessant issues originating from the battery of the car. The new battery to be introduced by Innolith would put an end to the plight of many electric car owners as they claim that the battery would take the same amount of time to charge as a normal car battery does and yet deliver a 250-mile range to the car. However, to reap the full benefit of the battery, it must be left to charge overnight. Nevertheless, the new high-density battery idea pitched by Innolith can be a game-changing addition to the world of motoring and transportation. Vehicles have become an integral part of human life and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our modes of transportation without adversely affecting the environment anymore. Although electric cars have had its troubles coping with in the past, inventions like this can slingshot it back on track.

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