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As of 2019 we have lost more than half of our entire ecosystem

There is a huge outcry over climate change nowadays and it’s severity can only be understood if we know about its effect on our ecosystem. The damages that have been done to our Earth was done by us humans alone. We have plundered our own home for the pursuit of personal glory without sparing a drizzle of care for the planet that provides us with a safe haven. Over the years we have wounded the Earth for materialistic pleasures and in a way have sacrificed our life.

The greatest slaughter that we have committed on this planet is upon the ecosystem. Since the 1970s we have eliminated more than 60% of the entire animal population and since the birth of civilization humankind have destroyed 83% of all animal life and half of all plant life. These mass extinctions has had an immense adverse effect on the biodiversity of planet earth and has resulted into grave calamities such as climate change.

As the evergreen forests are cut down for the purpose of agriculture, the green canopy that protects us from the harmful UV rays are also taken away. These evergreen forests not only protect us from the radiations but also provide us with Oxygen and a home to an immense number of animal species. Without their natural home these animals cannot live , neither breed and hence this leads to their extinction.

There are other activities such as whaling that have depleted more than half of the entire whale population in the world. Few people know this but whales are an integral part of our ecosystem. Their excretory products fertilize tiny microscopic aquatic plants known as phytoplankton. These plants supply 50% of the oxygen present in the Earth.

With the rise of industrial fishing, there has been a rapid decline of fishes in the ocean. These declines has an effect on other aquatic species who depended on these types of fishes for their nutrition.
With the rise in demand of meat products in our world a lot of forests are cut down for agricultural land to grow special food products such as soy to feed those livestock animals. These over exploitation's of land has increased the rate of deforestation and is having adverse effects on the climate as we speak.

These changes in our ecosystem is directly affecting the Earth. Climate change is depleting our ice at an unprecedented rate and it will be too late if we don’t take a step towards a change from this very instant of time. Some scientists believe that we only have twelve more years to drastically change our style of living if we are to survive our mass extinction. There will be a gathering of all world leaders in 2020 to discuss the effects of climate change and how we can prevent it and this will be our last chance to rectify our mistake. We are the first generation to understand what ill fate we have brought upon this Earth and we might be the last generation to correct it before it is too late.

As of 2019 we have lost more than half of our entire ecosystem As of 2019 we have lost more than half of our entire ecosystem Reviewed by Joe on May 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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