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99.9999% chance humans are causing climate change, Study Says

Climate change is real. It does not matter whether you believe it to be true or not, it has proven to be one of the most dangerous and potent problems that our world is facing in the present generation and if left unchecked, it might go on and prove to be one of the biggest reasons contributing towards the literal end of the world. There have been various studies and tests conducted by scientists in order to determine the causes and the adverse effect of the climate change and how they can be averted in the future. A recent test conducted by scientists in California’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory revealed a concrete evidence that linked human actions to be the cause for climate change almost every time.

The test was backed with 40-years’ worth of data pulled from satellites in the orbit accumulating information about every slight change in the nature and environment that would amount to climate change. Scientists believe that humanity serves as the major reason behind climate change, while the chances of some climate changes happening which were not due to human action, was one in a million. 

This comes as a shocking revelation for that group of people who are ardent believers of the fact that climate change is a myth created in order to snatch their peace of mind and force them to conform to someone else’s style of living. There were also those people who would contest that humans can’t be forced to take sole responsibility for the negative effects of climate change because other natural reasons also exist that could lead to the very same thing. 

The results of this test have conclusively answered their doubts and cleared their misconception as it proved that human actions, especially their rampant exploitation of fossil fuels to produce power to sustain their daily lives, are the main reason climate change is such a real and dangerous threat to us all today.

The worrying conclusion reached at the end of that test was not just so the world would divide into factions and initiate the blame game, but rather to help people realize what is real and what isn’t. In the current situation, it is imperative that humans should come together to have a constructive discussion regarding the possible effects of climate change and coming up with effective solutions to counter the said effects. 

Theoretically, that would be the best thing to do, but Thanos was right when he said “Reality is often disappointing”. 21st Century human mentality would dictate that people blame each other for their ideals and beliefs about climate change and share memes on social media than give a proper moment of thought towards the danger. Humans have brought this upon themselves, and while they can waste their time living in denial and disregarding all proof that lead towards the revelation, they must be the one to get out of their bubble and collectively find a definitive solution.

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