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Swiss Businessman is Donating $1 Billion Towards Protecting 30% of the Planet

In recent years, we have seen a massive surge in private involvement in environmental matters and projects that are working towards the betterment and uplifting of the current condition of our surroundings. One such individual who is soon to leave a lasting mark in the minds of people all around the globe is Hansjorg Wyss, a Swiss businessman who has claimed that he wants to protect 30% of the surface of the world by 2030.

This ambitious statement comes after Wyss instituted the “Wyss campaign for Nature” which would constitute a collaborative mission to achieve his vision. The money associated with this foundation will be distributed to local led conservation groups and efforts all around the globe in an attempt to facilitate their work and aid their mission. According to Wyss, it would also act as a catalyst for many young and throbbing minds to take up the responsibility of safeguarding their environment and create an awareness amongst their peers about the dangers of eco-terrorism and the battle against the decadent condition of the environment. The Wyss Campaign for Nature has collaborated with other institutions like The National Geographic, The Nature Conservancy and FundaciĆ³n Flora y Fauna, an Argentinian environmental group.

Don’t for a second think that Wyss has recently developed his ambition to spend his wealth for the betterment of the environment. His affiliation to the conservationist movement goes way back. As a part of his foundation, he has already contributed $415 million towards preserving roughly 40 million acres across the world. His dedication towards making a difference in the world by doing his best to save it has had an exponential effect in uplifting the morale and awareness among other people regarding the importance of devoting time towards looking after our surroundings and the natural aspect of our planet. Scientists all around the world are plunging headstrong into tests and mining research data on effective and sustainable ways to save the environment, but the quest to help the planet cannot stop there. Wyss states that the environment needs the collective attention of all the inhabitants of the Earth if it wants to have a chance to be revived to its former glory. He insists on revitalizing the idea of public-land protection that was introduced in the US and which has had positive effects when tested in Yellowstone and Yosemite.

Furthermore, it is up to us, the citizens of Earth, to put aside our personal differences and unite to pay attention towards something that has been a problem for a long time now and is aching for us to take care of it. The moribund state of nature all around the world is something humans can no longer ignore if they plan to survive in the long run. While man will always create and solve different kinds of problems throughout their lives, it is heart-warming to see that there are some who are willing to save Earth.

Swiss Businessman is Donating $1 Billion Towards Protecting 30% of the Planet Swiss Businessman is Donating $1 Billion Towards Protecting 30% of the Planet   Reviewed by Joe on June 02, 2019 Rating: 5