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Cruise ship gives off harmful air equivalent to one million cars

The demand in the cruise ship industry worldwide has been in steady increase since 1990. According to cruisemarketwatch.com, it is foreseen that this rise in demand with an annual increase rate of 6.63% will continue until the year 2020. This incessant boost in clamor for cruise ship services is due to the wildfire like spread of information. Consumers who had experienced cruising share it to their friends, family, or acquaintances unconsciously ticking their interest about the said activity. 
There are many reasons why people opt for a cruise ship vacation rather than a simple weekend getaway at land. Aside from parties, great food, and bonding with friends and family, one special reason is to get out of the overly polluted cities and have a breather. Unfortunately, in a secret investigation conducted by a British documentary program called Dispatches on one of the known cruise ship in the country to find out how clean the air passengers breathed when on board using an ultra-fine particle counter. It was discovered that on the deck right next to the funnel of the ship where the wind blows downward, 84,000 ultra-fine particles per cubic centimeter can be found. On the deck, right next to the funnel, the number escalated to 144,000 up to 226,000.
Dispatches experts said that ultra-fine particles in the air as high as the aforementioned are harmful to both health and the environment. It was also revealed that a number as high as what was seen on the ship can only be found on the most polluted cities like Shanghai and Delhi. A cruise ship's particulate matter emission per day can be compared to one million cars. The results of the investigation also presented that the particles are mostly coming from the ship's funnel.

Exposure to these gases might raise the occurrence of symptoms in people with asthma or cardiovascular diseases such as wheezing, this is according to Dispatches' Dr. Matthew Loxham. Longer exposure to the gases, as experienced by the crew members can cause other health problems which are still vague and are under studies. 
The president of the Clean Shipping Coalition, John Maggs also added that most large ships use heavy fuel oils. These are the residues from the refineries after they have manufactured the gasoline and diesels consumers use in their vehicles. It means that these ships basically use waste products called residual fuel or heavy fuel oil.  Cruise ship operators and the entirety of the shipping industry are aware of the possible effect of residual fuels in the environment but still opted to use it because it is much cheaper than that of other fuels. 
In a speaking session with another member of the Dispatches team, independent.co.uk news article writer, Chloe Farand learned that aside from the greenhouse gas emissions, ships also release sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matters. 
Sulphur oxides in the air, even at very low concentration can cause detrimental effects to the human health. Bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema are the most common respiratory problems it can cause. Other possible effects are the damages in plants and vegetation, formation of smog, and acid rain development.
Oxides of nitrogen also harms the health of humans and vegetation. The effect commonly includes increased lung infection and irritation in the eye. It also creates an impact to the formation of smog and acid rain. 


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