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Planting billions of trees is most effective to battle climate change, researchers say

The changes happening to earth recently have been said to be a result of human activities. One of the most talked-about and currently a big concern is climate change. Uncommon occurrences have been greatly observed in the earth recently. These are evidence of the effect of the aforementioned phenomenon which poses a danger to earth's inhabitants. The following are observed scientific proofs of the worsening condition our planet is in right now.
·         Rise in Global Temperature
Human-made emissions with the lead of carbon dioxide contributed to the fast increase in temperature since the 19th century. An increase of 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit has been recorded together with the five warmest years which occurred starting from the year 2010.
·         Oceans are getting warmer
The biggest body of water showed evidence of warming supported by the fact that its temperature has risen by 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969.
·         Ice sheets are constricting
A noticeable decrease in the mass of ice in Antarctica and Greenland has been observed by NASA. It was put on writing that from 1993 to 2016, Greenland lost ice averaging to 286 billion tons while Antarctica reduces by 127 billion tons on a yearly basis.
·         Disappearance of glaciers
Almost all the known mountain glaciers including Himalayas, Andes, and the Alps have shown signals of retreating glaciers. This is also pointed to the fast warming of the earth's surface.
These three are just a few of the observed scientific evidence that shows how climate change is affecting the planet.

In a recent study conducted by Robin Chazdon and Pedro Brancalion, it is concluded that tree planting and forest restoration is still currently the most effective way of fighting climate change. The research results presented that the available spaces where trees can be planted can help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 25%. Finding out the size of the land where these trees can be planted was done through the help of Google Earth software. Six countries, as identified by the researchers, have the most spaces that these project could be covering. Included are Russia, US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and China.
The idea is warmly welcomed because it has been already proven in the past how trees can greatly help in reducing carbon dioxide in the air. However, some find it idealistic. They say that it is indeed true that plants help, but the fact the forest restoration will definitely take a long time before completion it will be better to think of other quicker ways to address the fast-developing problem about climate change.
Experts, though just a few, also implied that the researchers might have overestimated the effect these trees could have in lessening the toxic gases present in the air. The impact is still uncertain and further studies must be conducted, said others.


Planting billions of trees is most effective to battle climate change, researchers say Planting billions of trees is most effective to battle climate change, researchers say Reviewed by Joe on July 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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