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Adidas is turning plastic ocean waste into sneakers and sportswear

Adidas is famous worldwide for manufacturing shoes. Recently the company has decided to contribute towards the society. It has decided to use ocean plastic waste to manufacture new shoes. Ocean plastic waste has been an issue for quite some time, many marine animals were brutally injured and many died. Adidas has taken up an initiative to clean the ocean and also utilizing the plastics to manufacture new shoes.

The environmental protection unit has predicted that in 30 years the ocean will be more covered by plastic waste. And nearly 90% of seagulls would die due to choking on plastics. Not only does excess plastic harm the marine life it is equally threatening for the human kind. Adidas as collaborated with environmental organization Parley for the oceans in 2015 to reach their goal of turning ocean pollution into fancy footwear.

Adidas is expecting to make 11 million pairs of new shoes from the plastics that are collected, which double the production made since 2018. It all started with a beach party along the sea, the cleaners collected all the plastic wastes which the people threw on shore. The collected garbage was then transported to the Adidas manufacturing center, where the plastic is dehydrated, melted, dried crushed. 

The crushed plastic resembles the size of a resin. They use polyethylene terephthalate, or PET for making the shoes, other plastic items such as bottle caps are transported to normal recycling centers. By 2024 the multibillion dollar company assures that it will be successful in replacing normal polythene by virgin polythene.

The initial step taken up by the company is that they are launching a 100% recyclable shoe in 2021 named as Futurecraft loop. Yes you read that right. The shoe is manufactured from a special variant of plastic. After the user is satisfied with the use of the shoe, and it is no longer in the wearable state, it can be transported to the company and the shoe is again recycled leading to zero waste. 

Adidas has taken up an initiative towards a sustainable world through these huge multi dollar projects, which are expected to be a huge success for both the business and the environment.

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