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America produces more power now from sustainable resources than coal

With the increase in  global warming rate countries are trying to decrease their use of fossil fuels and shift more towards sustainable, renewable sources of energy. America has somehow managed to produce more energy through sustainable methods than coal or other fossil fuels.

"Coal has no technology path," said Jeff McDermott, managing partner at Greentech Capital Advisors, a boutique investment bank focused on clean energy. "It's got nowhere to go but extinction."

According to a research group, America among other countries in the world made their first breakthrough in producing more energy through sustainable and natural ways other than using coal or other non renewable sources of energy. The country has mainly used solar and wind power to produce the required energy for functioning.

Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy (XEL) has gone from a coal-first power company to one aiming to deliver zero-carbon electricity by 2050. Since 2008 America has completely cutback on using coal as their energy resource which has shown alarming decrease of 39% which is the lowest in 40 years of Americas history of using coal energy.

Natural gas is termed as a cleanest source of natural energy which has replaced coal. Since pressurized by the government and the consumers for environmental friendly ways of production, the companies in America have opted to use natural gas as a source of energy. Not only natural gas but solar and wind energies are also used by the American companies for production. 

Wind and Solar Energy has replenished 1.42 billion cubic demand of the common public. With this initiative of America on cutting back of fossil fuels such as coal and other types they are contributing towards a greener and more healthier society and to a certain extent contributing in reducing global warming caused by the fuel emissions from coal and other fossil fuels.
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