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Tech Companies Like Google, Amazon Push Power Companies Towards Solar and Wind, a Blow to Coal

Renewable sources of energy have become a hot topic in today’s world owing to the never-ending debate on conservation of energy. Leading companies of the world have addressed thisissue by aiming to convert to renewable and sustainable sources and techniques of energy. 

Companies like Google, Amazon and Apple have publicly stated that they have successfully transitioned to cleaner sources of energy to run their facilities. It was revealed that most of their websites draw their juice from sources that are clean and sustainable. 

This ideal has taken a leap in the recent times after conservationists and scientists have gone public regarding the degrading condition of traditional sources of energy and the deprecative effects they have on the environment.

Leading companies have gone green with the aim that it would help the environment and help improve their public image while they are at it. They claim that they have repurposed their cloud storage power source to support the new cleaner solution.

 In the US, the use of renewable energy has boosted from 9% to 18% and most of this shift has been accredited to the major companies going green in order to power their facilities. 

Currently, the big four of the corporate sectors were, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, and they have all been public about their shift to the cleaner sources of energy. As of late, Google have revealed that its facilities and data centres are running on 100% renewable energy.

The quest to null the carbon emission by these companies have inspired other companies to follow in their footsteps. This doesn’t have a positive outlook for the future of coal companies and facilities as more and more companies are demanding a green and clean solution as they want to set a carbon footprint goal for themselves.

 The only remaining hope of such coal companies is the government of the various countries as they are positive that the governments are not going to authorize a shutdown of the coal facilities any time soon.

Keeping aside the monetary plight of the coal companies, going green has been one of the foremost drives of many big corporate companies that are looking to revamp their company ideals and functioning.

 Contrary to popular sentiment, renewable sources of energy actually help relieve some of the pressure from the pockets of these companies, meaning they are plush with the cash that was being devoted to drawing power from traditional sources. 

Moreover, around 50% of the total corporate investment in offsite renewable energy production has been from tech companies, which just goes to show that they are willing to reconsider their strategies down to the bare minimum in order to get with the times and address the really serious issues that are plaguing the planet in general and along with it, its inhabitants who rely on the perfect intertwining between nature and technology.

Tech Companies Like Google, Amazon Push Power Companies Towards Solar and Wind, a Blow to Coal Tech Companies Like Google, Amazon Push Power Companies Towards Solar and Wind, a Blow to Coal   Reviewed by Tim on September 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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