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9 Facts About The Tesla Cybertruck

1. The recently unveiled cybertruck by Tesla is actually a pickup, and it is on offer as 3 models with rear drive and all-wheel options available. • The first model with one electrical motor is stated to have an acceleration of 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, and is able to pull up to 7500 pounds and would accommodate 3500 pounds in the cargo area. • The second model with two electrical motors would reach 60 mph in 4.5 seconds with a towing capacity of 10 000 pounds , while the third model with 3 electrical motors is billed to achieve a speed of 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and would draw a weight of 14 000 pounds. • The cruising range varies from 250 to 500 miles • The prices of the three models are set from $ 39 900 to $ 69 900.

2. The new Tesla cybertruck looks like something out of this world. Its looks are best described as angular, faceted, clipped, and cropped . The design is considered as pioneering, revolutionary , starling and radical. The front light bar and roof bar are rated as brilliant innovations of design while the high waist line that cuts crisply down the side and points outwards is thought to give an added value to the view of the exterior. The profile is triangular in shape showing off its out of the world appearance in a more pronounced manner.

3. An area of 6.5 foot length with a 100 cubic foot capacity has been allocated for cargo while it has space to accommodate six passengers. As in other large pickups, the cybertruck is 231 inches long.

4. Tesla’s signature central touch pad is conspicuously prominent with a 17 inch touch pad in the airy interior.

5. A ground clearance of 16 inch is claimed through the inclusion of an air suspension mechanism for all the three models. This self-leveling and ride-height adjustments together with its low front and rear overhang enables the vehicle the optimum approach ( 35 degrees) and departure angles (28 degrees ) from among other vehicles in this category.

6. The newest Tesla creation is claimed to be bullet proof. The body covering is made up of a 3 mm thick, ultra hard, cold-rolled stainless-stel alloy, which would withstand attacks from a common habdgun or a machine gun which uses 9mm ammunition.

7. The windows are claimed to be bullet proof as well.

8. The pickup looks extra heavy, mainly on account of its thick window glasses and the thick stainless steel structure. This heaviness indicate that it consume more power than an ordinary pickup vehicle.

9. It is expected that the final product would differ from the prototype on show at the unveiling, at least in aesthetic aspects, with better color options doing away with the stainless steel look that is akin to an industrial look.

Critics of the Tesla cybertruck while conceding that the design is dramatic and daring say that with regard to operationally and functionally it has room for improvements and therefore it can not be regarded as a consumer friendly creation. Yet they also admit that there would emerge a group of followers admiring the different features including the electrification of the Tesla cybertruck.

Source: Tesla

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