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Cancer-causing herbicides banned in Vietnam

Authorities in Vietnam have directed in favour of banning herbicides that contain glyphosate after it was confirmed that the said substance is carcinogenic.

On April 10th, the agricultural ministry and rural development board announced that the decision to ban the pesticides containing glyphosate will be effective 60 days after the signing of the directive by senior officials, according to reports from VN Express. Herbicides containing Glyphosate will be banned from production or import in Vietnam.

The head of Plant Protection Department, Hoang Trung, said that products that contain glyphosate could be allowed for sale in the markets for up to one year after the release of the official announcement. After that period, any product containing the said substance will be traced and destroyed.

One of the most used ingredients in herbicides is Glyphosate. They found in weed killers as well. 100 or more brands use this substance in their products and it is estimated that 5 million litres of glyphosate are still circulating in the markets of Vietnam. 

A federal court in San Francisco had found a weed killer produced by Monsanto group caused cancer. The unanimous verdict by the jury led to a ripple effect that culminated in Vietnam.

There was another study conducted by the University of Washington that discovered the effect of glyphosate resulted in the onset of cancer by people being exposed to it. Other studies have pointed out the probability of inducing lung, blood or prostate cancer in people.

This decision in Vietnam will pressurize other governments in Asia as well. Thailand has received several calls to ban products like glyphosate, chlorpyrifos, and paraquat from the market. 

The industry ministry shocked everyone when they came to the decision of adhering to an earlier decision in favor of agricultural officials for limiting the use of the chemicals but a total ban on herbicides and pesticides would be postponed for another two years.

Apichin Jotikashira is the deputy permanent secretary for Industry and also chaired the meeting of Hazardous Substance Committee said that they were aware of the dangers posed to the environment and health of the public from these chemicals and also acknowledged the fact that Thailand would eventually ban them.

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