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France to ban diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040

France in aligning with the declarations of the Paris agreement and its role as a leading proponent of clean energy has unfolded a series of measures on its path to achieving a carbon neutral country status by 2050, as envisioned by  President Emmanuel Macron.

The first is that it plans to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 as declared by former environment minister of the country Nicolas Hulot. The minister acknowledged the fact that this move would impact badly the car manufacturers of the country, but stated that programs would be implemented to ensure the success of the new initiatives.

Consequently the poorer of its citizens would be afforded a premium which would enable them to swap the presently used vehicles for alternatives that are pollution free. Volvo was swift to respond by saying that from 2019 onwards it would manufacture only electric and hybrid cars.

The fact that France would be investing € 4 billion on the energy sector and that it would cease production electricity using coal from 2022 was disclosed by Mr. Hulot at a press conference. These measures are taken in order to achieve the targets of a five year plan where clean energy usage is promoted and also to align with its commitments under the Paris agreement.

There are other nations in addition to France who had initiated similar actions to do away with combustion powered vehicles. The Netherlands and Norway have declared that by 2025 their countries would be free of petrol and diesel vehicles, while India and Germany plan to achieve similar status by 2030.

Palm oils and soya which are grown using unsustainable methods and lead to deforestation as is happening around the world, specially in the Amazon forest, South-Asia andCcongo would not be allowed to be imported in to France, the minister has disclosed. The minister, who is a former journalist and wild life TV presenter revealed that deforestation reflects 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emission.

Mr. Hulot had emphasized that it is a delusion to induce manufacturers and industrialists to reduce carbon emission while not reacting to the scenario where millions of trees which absorb carbon dioxide are destroyed the world over.

Ways and means to identify practical methods whereby France is able to meet its commitments under the Paris agreement and reduce carbon emissions, would be found through establishment of “citizen panels”.

Additionally France has made an announcement that it would reduce the percentage of nuclear energy in the country’s energy mix from 74 percent to 50 percent by 2020.

The CEO of ClientEarth, James Thorton praised the actions of the French government as a huge expression of firm commitment which should serve as a role model for other governments to follow as nations struggle with the required changes that are so necessary to make improvements on the quality of air and the climate. He further emphasized that the manufacturers of vehicles and industrialists should follow the example given by Volvo or they might find that survival is an issue.
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