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Germany closing 84 coal burning power plants by 2038



In an effort to cut down on C02 emissions, Germany plans to shut down all of its 84 coal burning power plants. The power plants will be closed down over a period of 19 years and it is believed that by 2038, Germany will have not a single coal burning power plant left.

World leaders against climate change

Germany had been leading the world in climate policy and this move will once more see Germany leading the way in the fight again climate change.

Claudia Kemfert, German professor for energy economics at the German Institute for Economic Research, has hailed the decision, saying it will once again make Germany the world leader in reducing carbon emissions.

C02 emissions to be drastically reduced

Germany has been aware of their CO2 emissions for decades and in the early 1990s, emissions decreased significantly Coal was still a major source of energy. Coal burning plants were kept alive through powerful labor unions. Coal still remains the cheapest form on energy, across the glob.

While coal burning plants are responsible for much of the world’s climate crisis, previous German governments had planned to keep coal burning plants alive. This new deal shows how serious the current government is about reversing climate change.

Deals take over 7 months

Negotiations to close down the 84 plants deal took just over seven months, with final decisions taking place over a weekend 21 hour session.

Chairman of the German climate change government commission, Ronald Pofalla, has said this decision is a historical one. The plan includes a USD 45 billion budget to see these coal producing regions through the change.

It is thought that approximately twenty-thousand people still work in the coal burning industry, with another forty-thousand workers connected to the industry in an indirect manner.

Nuclear power plants also being closed down

Germany is also planning to withdraw all nuclear power but aims via renewable energies to provide cheap and abundant energy. Twelve of Germany’s nineteen nuclear plants have already been closed down.

This decision was taken after the nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011. This move has been criticised around the world, saying electricity will be more expensive.

Renewable energy is the way to go

Coal is the cheapest and most abundant source of energy, hence the reason why other countries are not easily following suit easily. Germany hopes to lead by example, as they have in the past.

Greenpeace are said to be delighted at the agreement, hopeful that others will follow and Germany will lead by example.

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