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In Fight Against Plastic Pollution, Indian State Introduces Bamboo Water Bottles For Tourists



 In the battle against plastic, Sikkim town introduces Bamboo Water Bottles for visitors.

Plastic has long been a scourge in India, not just plastic left behind by locals but especially the plastic left behind by tourists.

A village in the state of Sikkim, Lachen, well frequented by tourists both local and international, has introduced bamboo water bottles, recyclable and reusable.

This is in the hope of reducing plastic consumption and with time, obliterating plastic completely.

Water in the Sikkim tourist areas is clean or purified

Sikkim is a popular area amongst hikers, walkers and all tourists. They are looking for beauty, nature, beautiful temples and monasteries.

The mountains are always snow capped, it’s one state where the water is generally clean and where there is no need for plastic water bottles.

The people who visit Sikkim are generally aware of the environment, and while the state has done a huge drive to eliminate plastic, it is the town of Lachen that has taken the bull by the horns.

Bamboo introduced by the local communities

The local community has introduced the ban of plastic drinking bottles. There have been huge drives to eliminate plastic, starting in 1998.

Plastic drinking bottles were banned  at all government events and in government offices.

Now, in 2021, bamboo water bottles are being offered to tourists, as alternatives to plastic.

It is thought that the kind of people who visit Sikkim are the kind of people who are environmentally aware, or who will become environmentally aware.

1000 bamboo water bottles have already been ordered and these numbers are set to rise. The bottles, just a start, have been ordered from Assam through Sikkim Rajya Sabha, MP Hishey Lachungpa.

Open discussions re plastic and the environment

Discussions in Sikkim are open regarding the ban on plastic, likely to be followed by a ban plastic bags and plastic containers and packaging.

While this is a huge task to do ,especially where water needs to be purified, the task is not impossible.

India needs to take action before it is too late. Communities throughout India are being encouraged to use less plastic and to recycle.

Responsible tourism in India

Responsible tourism is being practiced in many countries around the world, and India are starting to participate.

India may not be the most eco friendly country in the world, mostly out of circumstance, but that does not mean the discussions around plastic and the environment are not open.

They are definitely open to discussion, and the community of Lachen has inspired other Sikkim communities, and other Indian states, to follow suit.

Bamboo is a good alternative to plastic

Bamboo water bottles are an excellent alternative to plastic, and not only for use in water bottles. Bamboo straws can be found in Sikkim, in particular in tourist restaurants and cafes.

Bamboo is eco-friendly and bio degradable, and in India, maintains the water temperature which is important in the summer months.

In Fight Against Plastic Pollution, Indian State Introduces Bamboo Water Bottles For Tourists In Fight Against Plastic Pollution, Indian State Introduces Bamboo Water Bottles For Tourists Reviewed by Tim on March 01, 2021 Rating: 5

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